Virtual & Administrative Assistance

Office Essentials specializes in providing services to small businesses, entrepreneurs, consultants and semi-retired executives. We help you maximize your time growing your business and increasing profits when you outsource routine work to Office Essentials.
Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant can increase productivity, reduce costs and save you and your company time and money. The benefits of outsourcing to a VA are plentiful. VA’s only charge for the actual time worked, you will never need to pay employment insurance, vacation pay, sick pay or contribute to retirement plans and worker’s compensation.


Imagine having skilled administrative help without having to hire a permanent employee. A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor providing business support at an hourly rate. We are available to work at your location, or from our fully equipped office. Our services are available on a weekly basis, a few hours a month or for a one time project.



For those in-office employees who you can't do without, a VA can take a little of the never ending workload or less important projects off their shoulders.

  • Invoicing

  • Data Entry

  • Secretarial

  • Bookkeeping

  • Mass Mailings

  • Office Organization

  • Maintain Databases

  • Forms & Spreadsheets

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